Tests and Analysis

These are stand-alone diagnostic tests, supported by
an appropriate number of consultations to discuss
and analyse the results.


Muscle Response Testing

The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) is the only patented energetic diagnostic procedure in the world. It’s a non-invasive electromagnetic resonance test that can:
· Detect food sensitivities
· Determine what biochemical substances such as herbs and supplements are helpful
· To pin-point the most beneficial dose of the substance to be given
· To identify whether a helpful substance is reaching the correct area in the body


Laboratory Antibody Testing for Food Sensitivities

If you’re concerned you might be intolerant of certain foods we can carry out a blood test screen for the presence of IgG antibodies to 59 common foods, which gives results in 40 minutes. In this one hour consultation we’ll conduct the test, talk through your symptoms and discuss the test results.

Laboratory Health Screening tests

I’m qualified to conduct and analyse a large number of biochemistry health tests targeted to detect vitamin and mineral levels, toxic metals, and nutrient imbalances in the body.

Lab screening appointments require a short consultation to take the required sample, and a follow up appointment to discuss the results.

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing

This is a simple way of checking your body’s mineral levels and toxins from an analysis of a hair sample.

This test can give you a wealth of information about nutrient levels, and whether you are storing any harmful substances in your body.

This test requires a short consultation to take the required sample, and a follow up appointment to discuss the results.

EMF MOnotoring

I can help you identify the worst sources of EMF exposure in your environment and develop a strategy to reduce your exposure.

This package includes two visits to your home (the first to show the overall level of radiation together with hotspots and the second visit to measure the difference your remedial measures have made) all this with phone or email support while you make those changes. Find out more about EMFs.